Bear Euthanized After Attacking Tennessee Theme Park Employee

The summer season in the United States is now in full swing. Indeed, with warmer weather, time off for children as the school year closes, and in general a more jovial time of year for many, summer has often been defined in the United States by the strong pursuit of leisurely activities, family and social bonding, and lasting memories made by all. Many families often use the summer as a time to take meaningful family vacations. One popular destination is the Great Smoky Mountains region of Tennessee. The region is home to a rich, storied historical culture, natural beauty unparalleled in many other places, and outdoor excursions and adventure for everyone. Many theme parks also

dot the area. A famous country music star named Dolly Parton was raised in the region, and most people know about her famous theme park named Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. 

Not far from Dollywood is the small mountain town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Home to a beautiful Main Street filled with leisurely storefronts and exquisite cuisine establishments, the town is also a place to try famous Tennessee Moonshine. Other theme parks also exist in the region, like the Anakeesta Mountain Top Adventure Park. Unfortunately, at this location in recent days, a wild black bear infiltrated the grounds and injured an employee, the bear was later euthanized.

The Great Smoky Mountains, while a region of Great beauty, also possess a population of Tennessee black bears that often can pose threats to humans. These wild animals often take excursions out of their natural habitat to forage for food. In the case of this bear, he rated a concession stand before attacking an employee. The occurrence is a cautionary tale for all individuals to be on the lookout, or at least somewhat prepared, to deal with these wild animals should you take a leisurely excursion to a region in which they are common. Thankfully, the park employee was okay.