Assassination Attempt Against Russian Leader Reported

( State-run media announced on Monday that a murder attempt had been launched on Mikhail Moskvin, the head of police in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

More will follow, but Mayor Vadym Boychenko said that the Mariupol resistance attacked occupied Mariupol, blowing up the automobile of one of the senior military leaders.

War between Russia and Ukraine has caused extensive damage to the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol. In May, Russian soldiers conquered the area, making it one of the first areas to fall. Russia has often blamed Kyiv for assaults on Kremlin-appointed officials in Ukraine.

The municipal council of Mariupol said that the assault happened at 8:07 a.m. time zone or local time.

According to a statement sent by the council on Telegram, there was an explosion in the region of the market in Bakhchivanji.

Russia’s official news agency, Tass, and an anonymous source have confirmed that Moskvin is still alive.

The source said they detonated the automobile of Moskvin; he is alive and well; the car blew up a few steps from him.

Moskvin reportedly had a mild concussion, as reported by, a Russian news website.

The purported incident occurred just a few days after Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the port city, during which he was videotaped being bullied by locals.

The Kremlin released an edited 27-minute video of Putin meeting with people from Mariupol’s Nevsky neighborhood. Local media said he was meeting with those who had just moved into new houses after their previous ones had been destroyed in the conflict.

In the background of their chat, someone could be heard shouting, “It’s all for show!” This prompted a response from his security team. Whether or not the heckler was recognized was unclear.

When viewed on the Kremlin’s website, the video clip in question no longer includes that particular segment.

Throughout this war, Russia has accused Ukraine of carrying out targeted attacks targeting officials designated by Russia and coordinating with the Kremlin.