Armed Jan 6 Rioter Receives Hefty Prison Sentence

Another January 6th protestor and rioter was sentenced to seven years in prison, which is one of the longest sentences given out of the hundreds currently being charged and tried, according to The Washington Times. The protestor is a military veteran that served in the Virginia National Guard and was reportedly caught storming the Capitol while carrying a loaded 9-millimeter pistol, gas mask, and wearing armor. 

Though Christopher Michael Alberts did not take out or use his weapon, federal prosecutors say that he used a wooden pallet to oppose police officers allegedly guarding a stairway. They say that he was one of the first rioters to lay hands on police as he reached the northwest steps of the building. Prosecutors also claim that his presence and actions encouraged the mob. 

Alberts disputes any claim that he was intending to cause harm, stating that he was working to protect other protestors from officers that deployed tear gas to control the chaotic crowd. 

But U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper did not buy that claim. Instead, he accused Alberts of being one of the leaders of the mob that stormed the Capitol. He said that Alberts did not just stand by and watch the scene unfold but was actively engaged in it. 

Former President Donald Trump recently posted a meme on his social media platform Truth Social suggesting that the riot was staged by the government. He added that the riot was staged to detract from the fact that a fraudulent election was being certified. Trump is currently facing charges for several things, including alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, his handling of classified documents, and his role in the riot. 

Republicans, however, are reportedly tired of hearing about January 6th. But Politico suggests that just because the issue is played out that does not mean it will not play an important factor in the primaries.