Apple To Unveil “Mixed Reality” Headset

A report reveals the first major entry into an entirely novel market from Apple Inc. since the debut of the Apple Watch a decade ago is said to be a mixed-reality headset, which will be unveiled at the company’s yearly software development conference.

With this launch, Apple will compete head-on with Facebook, which owns Meta Platforms, in a market saturated with gadgets that have failed to catch on with customers.

Apple’s product would likely combine a video stream via outside sources with a virtual environment projected on panels within the headset, similar to Meta’s Quest Pro launched a year ago and Quest 3 introduced last week.

The report shows experts believe Apple’s headgear will have high-end capabilities such as a high-resolution display and hand-tracking to eliminate the need for a separate controller. In addition, the price is expected to be substantially higher than the $500 Quest 3.

Apple will also release new versions of iOS and macOS for its devices.

The software developed by Apple for automobiles, called CarPlay, has been promising to power new dashboard features, so that investors will be watching for updates.

According to the Apple website, there are more options to take your Apple device on your travels, thanks to digital car keys and the already streamlined experience of Apple CarPlay. You may use your iPhone as a car key to unlock and operate your vehicle. And with Apple’s CarPlay, you can do all the things you enjoy on your iPhone while driving without risking anyone’s safety.

The website states that using CarPlay on your iPhone is a more prudent and secure option. You may use it to find your way, communicate with family and friends, listen to music, and share photos and videos.  Everything is right on the dashboard of your automobile. Additionally, the CarPlay Dashboard now supports a wider variety of applications.

The California-based technology corporation’s projected 2022 revenue of  $394 billion makes it the most lucrative technology business in the world. Market capitalization-wise, Apple has surpassed all other companies as of early 2023.