Apple Promises Fix For Massive iPhone 15 Issue

The Cupertino, California-based multinational technology corporation revealed on Saturday that it is developing an update to the iOS17 operating system. The latest iPhones can get quite hot, but Apple hopes to eliminate that problem with this update.

Apple has confirmed that some variants of the iPhone 15 run hotter than others when used normally. The company has taken action after several user complaints on Apple’s support forums, Reddit, and other social media.

According to Apple, the problems stemmed from a confluence of factors, including software defects in iOS 17, app-specific defects, and the time required for initial setup.

An Apple spokesperson said that after initial setup or a system restore, your device may run warmer than usual for a few days due to increased background activity.

They also said that third-party software upgrades have been a source of system congestion, and they’re working with the makers of these apps to send out a fix.

Instagram also released a new update to keep users’ models from getting too hot.

The IT behemoth did not give a timetable for resolving the problems. Until the latest update is deployed, however, they said iPhone 15 customers may rest easy knowing that their devices are secure.

According to Apple’s statement to the AP, a few scenarios can cause an iPhone to operate hotter than usual.

Apple has said that future software updates will be able to fix the overheating issue even though sales have dropped for three quarters running.

The rumored starting price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is $1,200, $100 (or 9 percent) more than the iPhone XS Max. The goal of this action is to offset the drop in sales.

Concerned shareholders have lost over $300 billion in worth due to the market’s fall over the past few quarters. Apple’s market cap hit $3 trillion in June, an all-time high.