Apple CEO Praises China In Disturbing Announcement 

( During the China Development Conference in Beijing, Tim Cook was quoted in the Financial Times as saying, “Apple and China developed together, and so this has been a symbiotic type of link.”  

Reportedly attending a party in Beijing commemorating the lifting of limitations related to the virus that had been in place for three years, Apple CEO Tim Cook was among a number of senior executives from the United States who were in attendance. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook lauded the “symbiotic connection” his company has with the communists during his first trip to China since the coronavirus, which originated there, plagued the rest of the world. 

Cook gushed that enthusiasm was through the roof. 

The China Development Forum is the communist regime’s answer to Davos, the annual conference of the world’s elites in Switzerland when they attempt to plan everyone else’s lives on Earth. 

The bulk of Apple’s iPhones are manufactured in China; therefore, Cook remarked that the business would be celebrating its 30th anniversary there this year. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook said they have tremendous supply chain activity in China and Apple stores. He said he “couldn’t wait to see some of our customers” when they touched down, so they went to the Sanliutn shop in Beijing. 

Apple’s quarterly sales in the three months coming up to the end of December dropped for the first time in three and a half years, a direct consequence of the strict rules relating to the coronavirus, which made 2022 one of the roughest years for Apple in the communist nation. 

To prevent the communist government of China from clamping down on the company’s enormous activities in the country, Cook struck a deal with China in 2016 for $275 billion, as previously exposed by Breitbart News.