Anti-Woke Calendar Of Conservative Women Released

In a world where controversy seems to be the norm, one beer company is taking a stand. Ultra Right Brewing Co., known for its “woke-free” beer, is now making waves with its latest project: The Empowered Women of America 2024 Calendar. This groundbreaking calendar aims to celebrate and showcase conservative women’s strength, beauty, and achievements nationwide.

Teaming up with women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines, Ultra Right Brewing Co. has curated a collection of influential conservative women who have significantly impacted various fields. The calendar, titled “The Empowered Women of America,” is about capturing beauty and recognizing the remarkable contributions these women have made.

However, this calendar extends beyond captivating images. Ultra Right Brewing Co. is dedicated to creating a positive impact. A portion of the calendar’s proceeds, specifically ten percent, will go towards supporting the Riley Gaines Center. This organization safeguards women’s sports from radical ideologies that pose a threat to its integrity.

CEO Seth Weathers emphasizes that this calendar is not intended to discredit or invalidate anyone’s identity. It’s about celebrating the unique experiences and perspectives of conservative women. “We’re not here to erase anyone; we’re here to uplift and empower,” Weathers affirms.

The Empowered Women of America 2024 Calendar features a diverse lineup of prominent conservative figures who have made their mark in politics, media, and advocacy. Among the women showcased are Riley Gaines, an influential women’s sports advocate; Dana Loesch, a fierce Second Amendment defender; Kim Klacik, a rising political star; Sara Gonzales, a conservative commentator; Ashley St. Clair, a prominent social media influencer; and Peyton Drew, an accomplished entrepreneur. These women embody strength, resilience, and unwavering dedication to their beliefs.
Ultra Right Brewing Co. is determined to revive the spirit of old American beer companies that celebrated patriotism, fun, and the beauty of real women. “We’re bringing back all these things, but better than ever,” Weathers proudly declares.

The journey of Ultra Right Brewing Co. began when Seth Weathers took a stand against a controversial campaign by a major beer brand. His video response went viral, garnering millions of views and sparking a conversation. While facing backlash from some corners, Weathers remains steadfast in his conviction. He believes that conservatives must seize the opportunity to challenge big corporations’ grip on society.

This calendar is not just a collection of pretty faces. It’s a powerful statement that conservative women deserve recognition. It’s a reminder that strength and beauty come in many forms and that diversity of thought and opinion should be celebrated.

The Empowered Women of America 2024 Calendar will be available for purchase on the Ultra Right Brewing Co. website starting this Wednesday.