Aggressive Shark Circles, Rams Man’s Jet Ski in Florida

The summer season is nearing full-swing in the United States. As more and more people across the country seek to partake in summer festivities like carnivals, boardwalks, baseball games, swimming and camping, boating and oceanic affairs, increased presence near the coastal regions of the country is common. While the season is generally a time of joviality and enjoyment for many people, it is also a time that does not come without its risks. Any time individuals are swimming in the ocean, the threat of rip currents is common, and many people each year unfortunately suffer and in some cases fatalities are caused by these currents. Shark attacks, while generally uncommon, are also a threat to many individuals. In the Sunshine State, a man was enjoying a pleasant afternoon on a jet ski when one of these fearsome creatures began to circle him. The shark then jumped out of the water and rammed the craft several times in a frightening occurrence. This unfortunate occurrence was in Walton County, Florida. While some people are uncertain as to what species of shark was the culprit, Andrew Cady, the man who was involved, believed it was a Bull Shark. 

This unsettling incident occurred just days after beachgoers in another region of the state was attacked by sharks. On Friday, June 7th, two teens and a woman were assaulted by sharks two hours apart. The people were swimming in the Florida Panhandle in an area between the beaches named Miramar and Panama City beaches. Unfortunately, the woman lost her arm and suffered serious injuries to other areas of her body. One teenage girl unfortunately lost her hand, and her right leg was damaged to such an extent that it had to later be amputated. 

Shark attacks are still considered an anomaly A Florida natural history museum stated that the odds of being attacked by a shark stand at microscopic levels in very minute fractional margins.