Activists Compare Mothers To The KKK

Radical activists pushing for LGBTQ+ material to be shown to children are comparing Moms For Liberty, a group for pro-parental rights in education, to the Ku Klux Klan, according to The Daily Caller. The radical group is called “Defense of Democracy,” and they are advocating for parental rights to be slashed and teachers’ control over students and what they learn to be increased. 

The group was formed in May 2022 by Laura Leigh-Abby and Karen Svoboda after they reportedly saw candidates for school board being endorsed by Moms For Liberty. Vice magazine reports it differently, however. The far-left publication calls the mothers that want to know what is taking place in their children’s classroom “far-right.” The article opens up by saying that one mother knew she had to fight back against Moms For Liberty when a “Proud Boys” member was holding “Gender Queer” in his hand, the same book that she had given to her 12-year-old allegedly “non-binary” child. 

One goal of the far-left group is to prevent the banning of pro-LGBTQ books in student libraries. Critics of these books are arguing that they are extremely graphic. One famous case is when parents began to read some of what was being offered to their children in Loudon County, Virginia.  

Co-founder Svoboda told Vice that whenever Moms For Liberty was holding a meeting, they would treat them like the KKK and begin protesting and starting petitions. 

“We treat Moms for Liberty like the KKK,” she said. 

The mom coalition standing up for their rights is teaming up with Republican legislators to ensure that they have access to their kids’ curriculum. The bill passed by the House of Representatives is reportedly called the “Politics over Parents Act” by Democrat politicians who see transparency as a threat to democracy and LGBTQ+ students. 

But the legislation makes the curriculum and library books available online so that parents can see what educators are showing to their children. In addition, the bill ensures that parents are notified of violence that occurs on campus.