ABBA Star’s Stalker Returns to Sweden 24 Years After Being Deported

A man deported from Sweden for stalking ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog has returned to the country after 24 years. A court served Dutch native Gert van der Graaf with a restraining order and deported him from Sweden in 2000 and again in 2003. Recent reports indicate, however, that he has returned to the Scandinavian nation. A German newspaper reported that van der Graaf was spotted in the Swedish city Nyköping and plans to move there permanently. 

Van der Graaf had a brief relationship with Fältskog in the 1990s, but she ended it when she released his obsession with her. Speaking to a Swedish newspaper, he insisted he had no plans to revive his previous fixation on the ABBA star and would not attempt to contact her. A friend, however, told journalists a different story and claimed he still had plans to pursue the singer. 

Fältskog reacted with fury last year when a documentary detailing her brief relationship with van der Graaf and its aftermath was published online. The star later said she made a huge mistake becoming involved with the Dutchman and had only done so because she was in a difficult place in her life. When she did end the affair, van der Graaf refused to accept it, and his subsequent actions, including turning up at her home numerous times, left Ms. Fältskog fearing for her life. 

When news of the documentary Take A Chance emerged, Fältskog pleaded with various networks not to show it but was unsuccessful. The 73-year-old argued that it would place van der Graaf in the limelight and put her back in danger. 

In a separate film entitled ABBA: When All Is Said and Done, a dramatization portrays the Dutch factory worker attempting to access Fältskog’s home as she cowers behind the door in fear. The star famously withdrew from the limelight and spent many years living a reclusive lifestyle on one of Sweden’s many small islands.