A New Multi-Purpose Robot Is Here

Sanctuary AI, a Silicon Valley firm, has introduced a multitasking robot that can collaborate with or operate independently of humans to accomplish various office activities.

Traditional robots have been quite specialized and have worked alongside humans for decades; for example, a bot on an assembly line at General Motors may repeatedly carry bits of metal from one location to another.

Business owners who wished to automate a variety of chores had to buy many robots, which might be prohibitively expensive.

Creating a multitasking robot’s far more challenging than a specialized one, but organizations would benefit greatly from having access to general-purpose robots that can execute various activities.

Sanctuary AI, located in Canada, is one of several businesses trying to develop and release a multipurpose robot.

On May 16th, it debuted its sixth-generation robot, an AI-powered humanoid it calls “Phoenix.” 

Phoenix can lift to 55 pounds, is 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighs 155 pounds. It can execute all sorts of delicate and precise jobs because of its human-like hands.

According to Sanctuary, Phoenix has a custom artificial intelligence control system called Carbon, which gives it human-level intelligence. It’s the robot’s ” brain, ” and it may be taught to do new things by learning from demonstration. A human wears a virtual reality headset to watch what a robot does and utilizes specialized equipment to help the robot learn how to do a new activity.

It is unclear how much Phoenix can accomplish autonomously or how long it would take to teach the bot something new, but the end aim is still a robot that could go into the workplace and execute activities without requiring continual human supervision.

Sanctuary is already beginning to roll its multipurpose robot to sites close to its headquarters. Customers may reap the benefits of bots without having to acquire them outright by instead renting them on an as-needed basis.