2024 Rivals Stay Silent On Key Issue

It is no secret that the United States is on a serious decline. This decline has been ongoing for decades, but the extent of it has been exacerbated markedly over the last three years. Economically, the country is no longer the “land of prosperity” that it once was, and even the opportunity that still exists here is becoming harder to come by. Most ordinary working class Americans are well aware of this reality, and a new poll has recently shown that almost half of the nation believes the American dream is dead. These sentiments are not short-sighted emotional reactions- anyone who observes the economic state of the country is well aware of the reality of declining life.

The middle class has been shrinking for decades in a phenomenon known as the “hourglass effect” in which the wealthy continue to grow in affluence while the middle class continues to shrink. Today, major media outlets have reported statistics that allege that some 60% of Americans are surviving from one payday to the next, and alarmingly- for families making around the median national income of around seventy thousand a year, owning a residence is nearly impossible.

The 2024 election nears ever closer, and it is clear that most people want a change. But unfortunately, it appears the presidential contest will likely be a rematch of the 2020 election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The historic culture of the country is also deteriorating, and family values have been under assault. Children have been the focus of progressives in public school across the country. Many seek to promote controversial LGBTQ and transgender ideologies to children as young as kindergarten. While Republicans have claimed to be the party of the family, two candidates for the presidency, Nikki Haley and Chris Christie, were silent after the governor of Ohio (also a Republican) vetoed a bill that would have protected children from these ideologies in state schools.